Rentication.com Terms and Conditions

By using Rentication.com (“Rentication”), you acknowledge that you are legally bound by the following terms and conditions:

1. Rentication only Displays Information

By using this website, you agree that Rentication is purely a means by which property lessors and lessees may become aware of each other and communicate, and that Rentication and its owners make no representations whatsoever about any aspect of any communication or transaction carried out in connection with this website. Furthermore, by using this website you give up any right to assert any kind of liability or duty against Rentication or its owners including but not limited to negligence or gross negligence. If you believe you have suffered damages after using the site your sole remedy is to stop using the site, and in any and all events you agree that the maximum damages you may obtain are $100 Canadian dollars in total.

2. Use of Information on Rentication

Property information on Rentication may not be used for any reason other than by a seeker of a vacation rental for the purpose of renting a property. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, data on Rentication may not be copied for another purpose, stripped, mined, etc.

3. Site Alterations

Rentication may change any aspect of the site or of the site's content or availability thereto at any time, and may also change these terms of use at any time (the onus is on users of Rentication to be familiar with the terms of use upon each visit to the site).

4. No Unauthorized Use of User's Information

Express consent must be obtained before a party uses any other party's contact information for a purpose other than a near-term rental transaction.

5. Indemnity

If Rentication is a defendant in a claim that partly or wholly relates your use of the site, you will indemnify Rentication as to any liability and damages including Rentication's actual costs related to the claim.

6. Conflict of Laws

Any dispute related to the site will be brought in Alberta, Canada, Judicial District of Calgary, and Governed by the Laws of Alberta.

7. Notices

All notices are to be sent to Rentication at admin@rentication.com or to users at their email address.

8. One Property per Advertisement

An advertisement may only be in respect of one property.

9. Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Rentication.

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By using this website you agree to Rentication's Terms and Conditions